Tuesday, December 3, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Exhibit Preview ⑤: MEPLETE INDUSTRY Co., Ltd.

Develops & Supply CNC Lathes
An R&D-centric producer of CNC lathes, Meplete Industry develops and manufactures such differentiated equipment as super small, small and large diameter Swiss-type CNC complex automatic lathes, 10-axis CNC controllers and CAM software.

CNC Complex Automatic Lathe (MS03, MS07, MS20, MS36)
With maximum processing diameters for MS03 and MS07 of 3mm and 7mm respectively, these lathes are suitable for the processing of small diameter workpieces with a minimum processing diameter as low as 0.3mm. The products feature compact design, easy operation, high-precision, high-speed spindle and ease of maintenance. As it can utilize diverse tools, the MS20&MS36 is efficient in various applications with flexible processing.

10-Axis CNC Controller (MG42)
Model MG42 is customizable to the characteristics of the workpiece materials with its rod complex processing system. Adopting a high-strength spindle with pull-type hydraulic chuck system, eliminating the need for a chucking lever, this controller features strong chucking power and excellent dynamic balance. It displays processing program routes on monitors, enabling operators to confirm whether the program is the right one for the job or not.

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