Monday, December 9, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Exhibitor(5) MECOLPRESS S.P.A., ITALY


Mecolpress S.p.A. was established in 1969 with the aim of manufacturing hot forging presses for metals and alloys.The design capabilities and the constant recourse to the technological innovation, led Mecolpress to be esteemed in the international market and to get a prominent position among the presses manufacturer. 
Our main eccentric press ranges are SOV, SEO and SEO/F having capacities up to 1.000 t. Our presses are used to forge brass, copper, aluminum, steel, titanium and other alloys that can be hot forged and are suitable to extrude pieces with vertical and horizontal holes, as well as of solid parts. Mecolpress developed in the years also the design and manufacture of screw friction presses for hot forging of brass, copper, aluminum, steel, titanium and for cold forging of lead, as well as for coining and calibration.
In the last decade Mecolpress acquired other two historical and prestigious brands, Dellavia (1993) and Osterwalder (1998), famous all over the world; now all presses and screw-presses are manufactured in the factory of Flero (Brescia). The continuous work of our Technical Dept., of research and development of new technologies to improve the product, allowed the design and manufacture of the new series of TDS screw-presses, where the screw is direct driven by an electric motor, installed coaxially to the screw. 

The production range of our machines is so wide as to satisfy the most different needs of customers working in the fittings, valves, heating fields, handles and in many others. 
Our machines are appreciated by our customers for their strength, reliability and flexibility. 
Our After-Sale Service can grant quick interventions all over the world, and our warehouse is constantly supplied with spare parts, so as to reduce at minimum the breakdowns of our customers’ machines. 
The last press family designed by Mecolpress is the new ME series: hydraulic presses.
By means of the suitable sub-press, cored pieces and even pieces without flash can be forged, which gives obvious economic benefits to the forging Companies.
Today the factory takes up a 20,000 square meters surface, 6,000 of them are under cover.
Mecolpress will be present in SIMTOS2014 with a small booth, exposing some metal pieces, forged through our machines. We would like to draw the attention to the products that can be forged, and the material saving the customers can obtain, by using our new hydraulic presses. We would like to improve our presence in the even more important Korean market by supporting the local customers already using our machines and by meeting new business partners.


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