Thursday, December 12, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Exhibit Preview ⑧: SINKANG ENGINEERING Co., Ltd.

Expert in Special Hydraulic Power Chuck
Since it was founded in 1984, SINKANG Engineering has been focused on producing special hydraulic power chucks that fix workpieces on CNC lathes, machining centers, etc. The company supplies high-quality special hydraulic power chucks to a wide variety of business types, including automobile & parts, electronic parts and metal processing-related manufacturers.

SINKANG Engineering will exhibit special hydraulic power chucks that are mounted onto CNC lathes, machining centers, etc. SINKANG high-quality chucks are used in diverse industries, such as automobile, automotive parts, lectronic parts and metal processing.
Ball Lock Power Chuck
It can be converted from external to internal chucking within a few minutes, The SBL chuck pulls throughtout the chucking range so that it can clamp up to 10˚ slope (20˚ taper). Jaws can be automatically adjusted in left and right directions by 5˚. There is no loss is power. The chucking force is about three times the input power.
Pin Arbor Chuck
It draws the workpiece to the locator securely so that it is possible heavy cutting as well as it is suited for secondary machining that requires high accuracy. The structure of Pin Arbor Chuck ensures excellent durability without allowing the entry of cutting oil and chip.
The fixture is designed for gear manufacturing. SINKANG supply a wide variety of fixture including specialized hobbing, shaving, honing and grinding fixture. it ensures excellent product for gear hobbing, shaving, honing and grinding process.

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