Tuesday, December 10, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Exhibit Preview ⑦: SHINSENG INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd.

State-of-the-Art Special Metal Producer 
A hard metal-specialized manufacturer (Semi finished Tungsten Carbide Products), Shinseng produces high-precision mold components, forged and power mold components and high-strength hard-metal alloy parts to facilitate enhanced productivity in the cutting and mine tool fields. In particular, the company produces pot plungers, a component of the mold used to manufacture the lead frame for semiconductors, utilizing hard-metal alloy as well as forged and power mold components for bolts and nuts.

Forging and Powder Mold Materials
Shinseng's forging mold consists of various punches and dies for cold forging, warm forging and hot forging. This mold component is used in the manufacture of automobiles to improve impact resistance and abrasion resistance while forging.

Material Related to Cutting
Mainly used for a variety of cutting tools such as burnishing drill, drill, reamer, and end-mill, Shinseng's cutting materials, featuring carbide mixed with WC particles, prevent chipping and oxidation caused by high temperatures that occur during high-speed cutting.

Roll and Dies
Shinseng's hard-metal roll improves the productivity of sleeves, blooms, and billet rolling. With excellent abrasion resistance, the hard-metal guide roll helps ensure accurate lead-in when processing timber and iron. It also extends the life of related tools. At present, the dies are used to process W103~W120 and H103~H108 timber. It is possible to obtain an external diameter of 350mm with dies for common use. Shinseng tools also are able to produce HX and SQ. 
Mine Tool Materials
Shinseng's mine tool materials consist of an alloy applied to assembly WC. With excellent strength, durability, and impact resistance, they are widely used for bits for mining applications and for materials for masonry.

Delicate Mold Component Materials

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