Thursday, December 26, 2013

[Matchmaking4U]Exhibit Preview ⑪: JALMAN PRECISION Co., Ltd.

A Greater Range of Hard-to-Get Bearings
Jalman Precision Co.,Ltd. (JMC) produces about 1,300 kinds of special bearings, including Needle Roller Bearings, Rod Ends, Ball Joints, Spherical Plains and LM strokes, which have been developed with its own technology accumulated over the past 40 years. JMC supplies these products not only to the Korean market but also to various industrial machinery and factory production lines in about 30 countries around the world.

Rod and Bearing
JMC rod end bearings are manufactured to suit diverse usages and environments. Among the products, JFT and JMT types have a special non-oil material in between the ball and the body, providing high stability and semi-durable use without the need for oil where free movement is required.
Spherical Plains
JMC's spherical plains are sliding bearings particularly suitable for accommodating heavy radial loads and generally used for bearing arrangements where certain misalignment of the shaft in regard to the housing, or tilting or rotational, oscillatory motions with relatively slow sliding velocities occur.

Ball Joints
The company's main ball joint products are ZBL & ZBS. In addition, it produces similar types such as thrust joints by special order. ZBL is a kind of bearing used for linkage control in rotating and oscillating applications to facilitate rod linkage motion in various industrial machinery. The company's thrust joints are stud bolts welded electrically with high precision steel balls and assembled in a steel body.

Track Rollers
JMC has two types of track rollers - stud type and yoke type. The former is suitable for automatic machinery, specialized machinery, cam-working assembly, various carrying facilities, etc. and the latter for the accommodation of high loads and applied as guide rollers, rock valve rollers, eccentric rollers and table support rollers.