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Hyundai Heavy wins $2b offshore order from France

Hyundai Heavy wins $2b offshore order from France


Hyundai Heavy Industries, the nations top shipbuilder, won a $2 billion deal to build two offshore facilities for France-based oil company Total, the company said in a press release.

In the deal with Totals overseas branch in the Republic of Congo, Hyundai Heavy will build a floating production unit for $1.3 billion and an offshore platform for $700 million.

The two offshore facilities will be installed in the Moho Nord oil field, about 80 kilometers from Pointe-Noire on the countrys southern coast, by 2016.

Hyundai Heavy has clinched $3.2 billion so far this year in offshore orders, reaching the halfway mark of its $6 billion annual target, the company said.


Source: Korea herald



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Korean Machine Tool Market Trends in Feb. 2013

Korean Machine Tool Market Trends in Feb. 2013


Machine tool orders received by Korean suppliers in Feb. of 2013 stood at US$ 284.7 million(KRW 309.2 billion), an decrease of 12.2% over the same period a year earlier, also it is an decrease of 9.5% compared to the previous month.

The machine tool market in Feb. 2013 stood over US$ 276.2 million (KRW300 billion) two months in a row, but it is changed to Decrease compared to the same month in the previous year.

- Domestic Orders (Feb.) US$ 121.5 million (KRW 131.9 billion)
(-18.1% compared with the same month in the previous year)
- Export Orders (Feb.): US$ 163.3 million (KRW 177.3 billion)
    (-1.8% compared with the same month in the previous year)

Machine tool production in Feb. 2013 posted US$ 211.1 million
(KRW 229.3 billion), decreasing by -16.3% compared with the same period of the previous year. Machine tool shipping during this period decreased by 20.6% to US$ 222.9 million (KRW 242.1 billion).

-Production According to Item
NC Cutting machines
[US$ 180.9 million (KRW 196.5 billion), 6.1% over the previous month]
Non-NC Cutting machines
[US$ 6.6 million (KRW 7.2 billion), 53.8%]
Forming machines
[US$ 23.7million (KRW 25.7 billion), -14.9%]
      -Production (Jan~Feb.): US$ 413.7 million (KRW449.3billion)
 (-13.7% compared with the same month in the previous year)
 -Shipping (Jan.Feb.): US$ 518.1 million (KRW562.7billion)
 (-1.8% compared with the same month in the previous year)

<Exports, Imports>
With exports is below US$0.2 billion in two months, Import is close to US$0.1 billion for four months and the trade balance (Feb.~Jan. 2013) recorded a US$96 million surplus.

 ·Exports: Machine tool exports in Feb. 2013 amounted to US$150 million, a decrease of 1.0% over previous month.
·Imports: Machine tool imports in Feb. 2013 amounted to US$102 million, a decrease of 2.6% over previous month.

 -Exports (Jan.) US$150 million
   (-33.6% compared with the same month in the previous year
  -Imports (Jan.) US$102 million
   (-11.3% compared with the same month in the previous year



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Friday, March 22, 2013

Show Preview Outline

● Title: SIMTOS 2014 (2014 Seoul International Manufacturing Technology Show)

● Slogan: Convergence of Manufacturing Technologies and Machine Tools

● Date: April 9 ~ 13, 2014 (5 days) 09:30~18:00

● Place: KINTEX 1, 2 (102,431m2)

● Exhibitors: 35 nations, 800 companies, 4,600 booths

● Visitors: 100,000 (Foreign 5,000)

● Exhibit Products:
   - Machine Tools (Metal Cutting Machines, Metal Forming Machines), Tools, Measuring 
     Instrument, Parts, CAD/CAM, Laser/Water jet Cutting-off Machines, Welding/Cutting-off
     Machines, Sawing Machines, Robotics, Automation, Materials, etc.

● Organizer: Korea Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association

● Supporters:
   - Ministry of Knowledge Economy
   - Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
   - Gyeonggi Province
   - Korea Trade Investment-Promotion Agency
   - Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry
   - Korea International Trade Association
   - Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business

Invitation to Your Success in the Era of New Manufacturing Economy
Combining a track record of excellence since 1984 and the spirit of future-oriented challenge, SIMTOS 2014 is being designed to maximize benefits for all participants.

Raising SIMTOS to rank among the world’s top four machine tool shows in terms of scale in 2012, the SIMTOS 2014 organizer is preparing to offer an even greater array of client-tailored services, focused around a practical and productive business matchmaking program, in response to the new machine tool industry paradigm of an evolution from the mother of machines to the mother of the manufacturing economy.

For More Information..

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Global Partnership

CMEC International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Ms. Ivy Cheung
Tel: +86 10-82686258
Fax: +86 10-82686060/82686262
TAMI (Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry)
Person in charge: Ms. Grace Chen
Tel: +886-2-2349-4694
Fax: +886-2-2382-5393

TMBA (Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association)
Person in charge : Ms. Elisa Li
Tel: +886-4-23507586
Fax: +886-4-23501596
Go Lite
Person in charge: Ms. Marinella Croci
Mobile: +39-339-3829681
Person in charge: Mr. C.H.Nadiger
Tel: +91-80-25581396
Fax: +91-80-25586914

SIMTOS Secretariat

H: Generator of Opportunities & SMILE

SIMTOS Mission: “We Will Be Your Sales Dept. 2
Matchmaking4U With Buyers (Korean/Foreign)”

With the goal of being a business angel for exhibitors, buyers and visitors, SIMTOS 2014 organizers are determined to faithfully fulfill the mission of being Your Sales Dept. 2.
We are working to make you smile with the SIMTOS SMILE campaign :

o SIMTOS Global Branding
- Global outreach in pursuit of sustainable & inclusive growth

o Marketing Angel
   - Valuable partner for your business success by generating new market opportunities

o Industry Evaluation
   - Faithful guide in the new manufacturing economy era

o Larger, Wider & Higher
   - Ever-onward advances to maximize the satisfaction of our clients

o Enlightenment & Entertainment
   - Providing our clients with not only business inspiration but also memorable moments

Be Happy With SMILE!

Venue Information

Application 2

Principle of Space Allocation in Themed Exhibition Halls

SIMTOS 2014 Secretariat will allocate space in the themed exhibition halls after examination of the guidebooks (catalogues) introducing major production, distribution and manufactured items of participating companies.

Mileage Points by Item (total 100 points)

Notes :
1. Participation Application Date: The date applications are received at KOMMA or the date registered online.
2. Deposit/1st Intermediate Payment Date: The date received at KOMMA's bank account.
3. The mileage point table above is subject to change without prior notice depending on the situation.

Mileage of Additional Item (total 10 points: to be implemented in 2014)

Mileage Points
Mileage Points
2nd Intermediate Payment Date (10 points)
Prior to Mar. 14, '13
2nd Intermediate Payment Date (10 points)
Prior to Jun. 30, '13
Prior to Mar. 31, '13
Prior to Jul. 14, '13
Prior to Apr. 14, '13
Prior to Jul. 31, '13
Prior to Apr. 30, '13
Prior to Aug. 30, '13
Prior to May 14, '13
Prior to Sep. 14, '13

Note: 2nd Intermediate Payment Date: The date received at KOMMA's bank account

Penalties in the Event of Participation Cancellation or Reduction of Participation Scale

Cancellation for whole space prior to 8 days before stand allocation.
(Including weekend and holiday)
40% of space rental fees
Cancellation for whole space 7 days or less from stand allocation and thereafter.
(Including weekend and holiday)
100% of space rental fees
Cancellation for partial space 7 days or less from stand allocation and thereafter.
(Including weekend and holiday)
40% of canceled space rental fees

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Application 1

Benefits of Early Application; Fee Discount, Priority in Space Allocation

The most important thing in exhibition participation is securing a booth in a good location.
Filing an application at an early date alone enables to get high distribution points in the both assignment.

- 30 points will be given if an application is filed before March 8, 2013. If filed later, 1~2 points 
  each are to be reduced.
- The criteria for distribution points will differ according to the date of participation application,
  deposit payment and intermediate payment.
  Therefore, make haste even only the participation application.

Early application period and booth discount rate are proportionate.

- 40.4% and 33.7% of the participation fee will be discounted if filed by April 30, 2013 and
  June 30, 2013, respectively.
  Grasp a good opportunity to reduce participation fee burden with early participation

Closing Dates for Application and Payment of Participation Fee

- The organizer makes online applications through the official homepage of SIMTOS 2014
  ( its principle. Online applications shall be recognized as participation
- On condition that participants will observe both the following application period and
  participation fee payment period, participation fees below are to be applied to new

Space rental fee : 1 stand(3mX3m), application possible only for 18㎡ or more

Unit Price
Early Bird Application
General Application
Final Application
~Apr. 30, 2013
June 31, 2013
Aug. 31, 2013
Oct. 31, 2013
Nov. 1. 2013~
Raw Stand
Core Items
Strategic Items
Shell Stand
Core Items
Strategic Items
Core Items
Strategic Items

* Application unit price would be settled by the date of deposit payment date
* Stand information (detailed specifications will be informed later)
   - Shell stand(Standard): Raw space + Standard specifications
   - Shell stand(Premium): Raw space + Premium specifications

※ Core and Strategic items of SIMTOS2014

 󰋻 Core Items : Metal cutting machines, Cutting tools, Measuring equipment(Metrology),
                       Parts,  CAD/CAM, Cutting-off machines(Laser, Water jet)
 󰋻 Strategic Items : Welding machines, Cutting-off machines(Plazma), Metal
                            forming machines, Sawing machines, Robotics, Automation, Materials,
                            Electric Power Tool