Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pre-Show Activities

Beyond Challenge, Creating Excellence
As Rome was not built in a day, the tremendous success of SIMTOS 2012 was the fruit of intensive preparation and incessant innovation. Furthermore, the dedication of the KINTEX expansion provided the last measure of momentum for the creation of a new legend in Korean exhibition history. Building on its 15 years of experience and accumulated expertise, KOMMA coupled its thorough preparations and striking innovations with the application of creative communistration (communication + administration).
The dedication of KINTEX’'s 2nd Exhibition Hall in 2011 provided decisive momentum for SIMTOS to join the ranks of the global big 4 machine tool exhibitions. Ironically, the landmark KINTEX expansion was fueled by the efforts of SIMTOS organizers to author a global machine tool marketing platform beyond its original role as a flagship exhibition in Korea and the region.
In conjunction with its landmark expansion, SIMTOS 2012 also represented the creative destruction of a machine-tool-oriented exhibition in response to the 3-C megatrends of the new manufacturing era -- convergence, creativity and connectivity.
SIMTOS organized, evolved and employed a strategic communication process and methods designed to build trust and confidence in both the exhibition and the brand en route to transforming SIMTOS from Korea’'s largest machine tool show to a position of global leadership in the discovery of new horizons for the emerging manufacturing era.

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