Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pre-Show Activities: Domestic Publicity

Added-Value Network of Old & New Media
Navigating the full landscape of manufacturing industries, SIMTOS organizers burned the midnight oil to reach the desired audience with the message of a new vision for the industry, fueling dreams of greater prosperity for the national economy. To this end, the SIMTOS secretariat focused its domestic publicity through a value-added network of new and old media, road shows and other channels.
Membership DB Publicity
- Conducted seven times for 80,000 members through telemarketing.
- DM Participation & Observation Publicity, SMS Publicity, EM Publicity, Distribution of Free Invitation Letters, Collection of Participation Regulations
Distribution of SIMTOS Publications, Press Kit, Overseas SIMTOS Handbook, Site Guide Map, etc.
Domestic Roadshows (total 102 firms, 117 persons)

Operation of Publicity Booths 

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