Thursday, March 14, 2013

Post-Show Activities

Blending of Advantage & Adventure
The milestone expansion and success of SIMTOS 2012 is
largely attributed to a combination of two key factors --
maximizing the SIMTOS advantage and optimizing its targets
and strategies. The show provided yet another opportunity to
confirm the value of the Korean manufacturing and
processing industry, strengthening the SIMTOS brand as a
premier marketing platform on the calendar of worldwide
capital goods exhibitions. The organizer is determined to
generate SMILES from all participants at SIMTOS 2014,
scheduled for April 9~13 at KINTEX.

The SIMTOS advantage encompasses its BEST DNA as follows:
- Burgeoning Korean machine tool industry, currently No. 5 machine tool producer & consumer in the world.
- Enriched by booming world-class end-user industries, i.e., automobile, world's 5th largest, shipbuilding 1st, steel 6th, semiconductor 3rd, etc.
- Seated next door to China and Japan, Korea is at the hub of Northeast Asia where 60% of the world’'s machine tools are produced and sold.
- Test-bed for IT convergence & combination technologies, embracing challenge and proving excellence in the evolving smart economy, exceeding borders.
The organizers’' strategies can be summarized through the initials SMILE:
SIMTOS Global Branding
The organizers focused on globalization of the show in pursuit of sustainable growth.
Marketing Angel
The main mission of the show’'s organizers was to generate opportunities for exhibitors and buyers in the Korean market and beyond.
Industry Evolution
Responding to the “"New Manufacturing Era,”" with a parallel global paradigm change, SIMTOS was redesigned to embrace the convergence of manufacturing technology beyond the machine tool sector.
Larger, Wider & Higher
Brimming with can-do spirit, show organizers challenged the norm for ever-onward evolution, seeking a larger and wider exhibition with higher results.
Enlightenment & Entertainment
The show emphasized its role as a window on future technology and industry vision, generating inspiration and motivation. Moreover, the parade of social-oriented events sought to create happy and memorable moments under the slogan “"Happy Together: Man & Machines.”"

SIMTOS2014 at a Glance
Machinery Convergence& Market Intelligence
Navigating the global
manufacturing landscape with the
goal of achieving the best
performance record ever, the
SIMTOS2014 secretariat is now
working around the clock to
organize and host the most
successful show yet, shaping new
dreams and molding greater
prosperity for all participants --
exhibitors, buyers and visitors.

SIMTOS Promise: “"We Will Be Your Sales Dept. 2”"
Matchmaking4U with Buyers (Korea/Foreign)
Constantly working to be a business angel for exhibitors, buyers and visitors, SIMTOS 2014 organizers have declared the role of the exhibition to be “"Your Sales Department 2.”"
Combining past experience and future vision, the SIMTOS secretariat has pursued a strategy of creative innovation, in particular, with respect to the business matchmaking system.
Three matchmaking innovations demonstrate SIMTOS commitment to be an opportunity generator -- matchmaking between foreign buyers and Korean & foreign exhibitors, matchmaking between Korean buyers and domestic & foreign exhibitors, pre-meetings for matchmaking prior to meetings during the show.
o Matchmaking Between Foreign Buyers and Korean & Foreign Exhibitors
At previous shows, matchmaking activities centered on consultation between foreign buyers and domestic exhibitors. However, under the new formula, foreign exhibitors will receive increased benefits from participating in business consultations. In particular, foreign exhibitors will get strategic access to Chinese and Japanese markets and beyond. Of course, foreign exhibitors will continue to have the opportunity to tap the ever-growing market in Korea.

o Matchmaking Between Korean Buyers and Domestic & Foreign Exhibitors
This initiative, deviating from the previous pattern of focusing on deals between Korean buyers and foreign exhibitors, is expected to expand business opportunities for all concerned. To facilitate success, this matchmaking option invites the participation of all SIMTOS clients.
o Pre-meetings for Matchmaking Prior to Meetings During the Show
To maximize the potential for realizing the greatest benefit from the SIMTOS matchmaking process, SIMTOS organizers will arrange pre-meetings between buyers and exhibitors, thus increasing the efficiency, productivity and value of meetings during the show period.

o Innovative & Creative Publicity Tailored to Clients' Needs
The organizer, to maximize client benefits, plans to employ innovative & creative publicity activities. Illustratively, making full use of new media, including blogs, Facebook, etc., it intends to reinforce its outreach activities.
The publicity content will focus on the products and technologies of exhibitors. In this context, it will publish 'Product Preview of Exhibitors' both on- & off-line.

Innovative Show Operation & Service
Responding to changes of overall & relevant business environments,k the organizer is implementing revised and innovative exhibition operation & service.
o Harmony of Traditional & State-of-the-Art Technologies
For a sustainable and balanced development of production and manufacturing industries amid the global economic crisis, the SIMTOS secretariat intends to suggest harmony of traditional and cutting-edge technologies and solutions at SIMTOS 2014.
o Expansion of New Media Utilization
Utilizing new media, including blogs and Facebook, the secretariat plans to strengthen its publicity delivery system and build a differentiated and accessible competition system.
o Layout of Specialized Exhibition Halls for SIMTOS 2014 Adjusted
Reflecting its analysis of monitoring the exhibition flow at SIMTOS 2012, the event organizer plans to revise the layout of the specialized exhibition halls for SIMTOS 2014 in a way that further enhances the connectivity of exhibited products and services, highlights niche items and creates demand for higher participation.
o Adjustment of Show Period Based on Choice & Concentration Principle
The opening days will be reduced to five days from six days in the past. By extending the daily opening hours, however, show opening times will be the same or more. The move is expected to reduce expense burdens for participants, while raising efficiency based on the choice & concentration period in the time of speed.
o Overseas Road Show & Publicity Booth Operation
The organizer will hold five SIMTOS 2014 road shows in key machine tool country markets like India, China, Taiwan, Italy, etc. It also will operate SIMTOS 2014 publicity booths at IMTEX, TIMOS, CIMT, ITM, EMO and other related major exhibitions.

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