Thursday, March 14, 2013

Show Scope


Six Themed Pavilion System
From Mother of Machines to Mother of Manufacturing
Under the theme “"United Manufacturing Technology with Machine Tools,”" SIMTOS 2012 represented a significant expansion in exhibition scope and scale.
The evolution, responding to the emergence of the new manufacturing era, featured six themed pavilions -- Metal Cutting & Die Mold Working, Press & Metal Forming, Parts, Materials & Motion Controls, CAD/CAM, Measuring System, Automation & Robotics, Tools & Related Equipment, Cutting-off & Welding.
The layout of the six pillar special pavilions was distinguished by color-coding, providing a practical guide to visitors and buyers by demand sector and core
industry category.
Metal Cutting & Die Mold Working
Hall 1-5, KINTEX 1
Multi-functional tools for producing auto parts, aircraft
and precision medical equipment and high-speed and
high-precision die mold machine tools for highquality
and high-precision die mold work.
Cutting-off & Welding
Hall 10, KINTEX 2
Welding equipment and the latest laser cutter used
for highly reflective products as well as in
enhancement of the shipbuilding industry and
construction of power plants.
Tools & Related Equipment
Hall 9, KINTEX 2
Cutting tools and related devices for high-productivity,
cost reduction, and highly complex work and hardto-
cut material work.
Press & Metal Forming
Hall 1, KINTEX 1
Servo press and metal forming machines for
manufacturing of high-precision parts for electronics,
medical equipment and automobiles.
Parts Materials & Motion Controls
Hall 7, KINTEX 2
Core parts and materials that enhance functions of motion
control and machine tools that support manufacturing
systems and establishment and operation of systems.
CAD/CAM, Measuring System, Automation &
Hall 8, KINTEX 2
A variety of software that leads convergence between
industries, intelligent measuring equipment, co-working
between men and robots, and evolution of safety technologies.

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