Thursday, March 21, 2013

Marketing Support Focus

Full-Cycle Marketing Angel Program

The SIMTOS-style full-cycle marketing angel program consists of three phases -- pre-show, during show and post-show -- under the slogan “We Will Be Your Sales Dept. 2 : Matchmaking 4U with Buyers (Korean/Foreign).

Pre-Show SIMTOS2014
• Domestic Publicity & Marketing Support
  - Publicity Activities Targeting Domestic Media
  - Key City Roadshows
  - PR Booths at Related Domestic Exhibitions & Events
• Overseas Publicity & Marketing Support
  - Overseas Roadshows & Visits to Related Organizations in Key Markets
  - Education Sessions & Workshops for Partner Marketing Agencies Around the World
• Pre-matchmaking Meetings Between Exhibitors & Buyers, Both in Korea and Abroad
• Advertising Support for Foreign & Domestic Exhibitors
• Invitation of Potential Influential Buyers, in Particular Based on the Desires of Exhibitors
• Preview Publication of Highlights of Products/Services to Be Exhibited During Show
• Matchmaking Between Korean Buyers & All Exhibitors, Both Domestic & Foreign
• Matchmaking Between Foreign Buyers & All Exhibitors, Both Korean & Foreign
• Full-Time Operation of Information Center
• SIMTOS Network Reception
• Variety of Concurrent Events Including Technology Seminar & Forum in Addition to 
  Ceremonies & Culture-Related Functions.

Post-Show SIMTOS2014
• Survey & Analysis of Visitors & Exhibitors
  - Updated Visitor Data for Exhibitors to Facilitate Follow-Up Marketing Activities
• Overall Appraisal as Inspiration for Innovation of Next Event
• SIMTOS Review Report
• Continuous Networking with Clients

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