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Executive Summary

SIMTOS2012: Expansion & Innovation
Higher, Wider, Better
SIMTOS 2012 was a tremendous success in terms of scale, scope, visitors and business results, creating a new benchmark in the history of machine tool exhibitions in Korea and beyond. The exhibition's milestone expansion combined with innovations in exhibition management served to maximize client satisfaction and establish a new exhibition paradigm.
Show Scale
Take-off to Rank Among World’s Top 4
- Covering more than 102,431 square meters with ten exhibition halls, SIMTOS 2012 nearly doubled the scale of the previous edition of the show. The expansion in scale made SIMTOS 2012 the fourth largest exhibition among machine tool shows held around the world, trailing only EMO, IMTS and CIMT.
Foreign Participation Rate Rises to 62.8%
World Top 10 Nations: 93.4% of Exhibitors
Number of Exhibitors Skyrockets 279% Over 10 Years
Visitors Double from 2002 to 2012
SIMTOS Scoreboard 1984-2012
Foreign Buyers Shoot Up 60.7%
Contracts & Business Negotiations Hit Record High US$1.87 Billion
Show Scope
From Mother of Machines to Mother of Manufacturing
True to the SIMTOS 2012 slogan, "United Manufacturing Technology with Machine Tools," organizers laid out the exhibition in six themed pavilions featuring core industry categories that responded to the emergence of the new manufacturing era.
Metal Cutting & Die Mold Working Pavilion
Press & Metal Forming Pavilion
Parts, Materials & Motion Controls Pavilion

CAD/CAM, Measuring System, Automation & Robotics Pavilion
Tools & Related Equipment Pavilion
Cutting-off & Welding Pavilion
Exhibit Analysis
Breakdown of Exhibited Items Into 11 Categories
Metal cutting machines were exhibited by 200 companies, the largest area among 762 exhibitors, followed by
tools at 153 and parts at 133.
Exhibit Trends
Smart Creativity & Green Innovation
The exhibits at SIMTOS 2012 reflected the latest trends in the manufacturing sector: convergence of IT with traditional machinery, robotics, green production, and increased efficiency and precision.
IT-Convergence of High-Tech Equipment
Cutting-Edge Equipment, Including Servo Press, Debuted
Parts & Materials - the 'Root & Trunk' for Development of Machine Tools
Software & Manufacturing Robots Lead Industrial Automation
Eco-Friendly Cutting Tools Suitable for High-Speed, High-Efficiency Processingof Hard-to-Cut Materials
Low Energy-Consuming Sheet Metal Processing M/C Emerged

Exhibitor Analysis
Showcasing Global Character of Manufacturing World
SIMTOS 2012 reflected the global nature of the manufacturing sector in terms of the broad participation of enterprises and organizations from 34 countries. Of particular note were the seven national pavilions that featured the leading enterprises and key items of the respective countries.
34 Nations Join World-Class Machine Tool Show in Seoul
32 of the World’'s Top Machine Tool Producers Presented Exhibits
Status by Participating Country (country of origin basis)
7 National Pavilions Spotlighted
13 International Machine Tool Associations Form Strategic Alliance
Buyer Analysis
Effective Buyer Program Generates Business Opportunities
The organizer of SIMTOS 2012 implemented several special programs to attract a wide range of potential buyers tothe exhibition. As a result of these programs, the number of foreign buyers increased 60.7% over the previous show, while the number of domestic buyers grew 47.9%. Over 100,100 buyers visited SIMTOS 2012 in total.
Revisiting Buyers - 80.5%
Strategic Invitation of 500 Foreign Buyers
Special Benefits for Invited Buyers
Optimized Business Matchmaking System
Business Meetings Between Foreign Buyers and Domestic Exhibitors
Business Meetings Between Korean Buyers and Foreign Exhibitors
SIMTOS Networking Reception
Visitor Analysis
Key Ingredients for Happy Marketing
Organizing a number of diverse events and programs designed to catch the attention of a broad spectrum of potential visitors, SIMTOS 2012 succeeded in serving nearly 105,000 visitors.
Innovative System for Visitor Attraction Pays Off
Operations & Services
The Benefits of Client-Oriented Services
- SIMTOS 2012 provided an array of innovative operations and services, maximizing the benefits and convenience for participants.
Membership Management System & Show Digitalization
Advanced Show Operation Services
Advanced Discount System & Pre-registration System
Full-time Operation of SIMTOS Customer Center
Exhibitor & Buyer Surveys
Exhibitions of the Clients by the Clients and for The Clients
- Exhibition services and operations tailored to the needs of clients is the guiding principle of the SIMTOS organizers. To this end, an intensive survey of exhibitors and visitors provided valuable results that will lead to even better operations and management of future shows.
Concurrent Events
Generating Insight, Electrifying Delight
- SIMTOS 2012, characterized by “"Expansion & Innovation,”" proved its excellence as not only a premier marketplace but also in the variety of colorful concurrent events that generated inspiration and insight into future technology of the manufacturing industry. Moreover, the world-class show was packed with engaging events and ceremonies, providing participants with delightful and memorable moments.
International Machine Tool Technology Seminar
Cutting-off & Welding Technology Seminar
Manufacturing Robot Technology Seminar
Press Technology Seminar
CNC Repair/Maintenance Workshop
International Die & Mould Technology Forum
CAD/CAM/CAE Conference (
Colorful Ceremonies, Enjoyable Events

International VIP Reception Commemorating Eye-Catching SIMTOS 2012
SIMTOS 2012 Auxiliary Events & Schedules
Pre-Show Activities
Beyond Challenge, Creating Excellence
- Along with the timely dedication of the latest KINTEX expansion, KOMMA coupled thorough preparations and striking innovations with the application of creative communistration (communication + administration) as the core of its marketing publicity campaign.
Landmark Expansion of KINTEX
Evolution of the Mother of Machines
Innovative Communication, Creative Brand Building
Pre-Show Activities: Domestic Publicity
Value Network of Old and New Media
- Navigating the landscape of manufacturing industries, SIMTOS people burned the midnight oil to have the nation understand the new vision of the industry to build dreams and light for all Koreans. To this end, SIMTOS secretariat focused its domestic publicity strategy on the value networking of new and old media tools, road show, etc.
VPR Publicity
Roundtable Meetings with Trade Journal Reporters
Membership DB Publicity
Domestic Roadshows (total 102 firms, 117 persons)
Operation of Publicity Booths
Pre-Show Activities: Overseas Publicity
Focus on Korea's Biz Value
- SIMTOS organizers overseas' publicity focused on Korea's value as a dynamic industrial partner, i.e., booming enduser industries..automobiles, steel, petrochemicals, IT, shipbuilding, etc. Korea's geopolitical advantage as a next door neighbor to China and Japan also was cited as a driving force for SIMTOS to grow bigger and better.
Overseas Roadshows and Visits to Related Organizations
Operation of Overseas Publicity Booths
Pre-Show Activities: Advertisement
Linked to Specific Needs of Clients
- SIMTOS 2012 advertising activities featured a strategic media mix and quick response to exhibitor-oriented
requirements as a vehicle to strengthen their marketing activities via SIMTOS.
Post-Show Activities
Blending of Advantage & Adventure
- SIMTOS' take-off toward a world-class exhibition is largely attributed to the combination of two factors - Korea's status as a hub of the manufacturing industry, and insightful strategies and sustained efforts to strengthen its global brand.
SIMTOS 2014 at a Glance
SIMTOS Promise: “"We will Be your Sales Dept. 2”"


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