Thursday, March 14, 2013

Operations & Service

Membership Management System & Show Digitalization
KOMMA operates an on- & off-line management system at all times for its 100,000 members through the Call Center (Tel: 1599-2721) and online Help Desk. Coupled with this, KOMMA provided advanced operation services through the homepage of SIMTOS 2012 as well as online digital streaming of the show. Through a training program for operational leaders and staff prior to opening the show, the association assigned Call Center responsibilities that enabled the staff to respond smoothly to inquiries and requirements from participating companies and visitors during the exhibition period.
Advanced Show Operation Services
Many aspects of the operation of exhibition services differed from previous shows at SIMTOS 2012. The show operating system was upgraded to allow viewing of the exhibition without having to wait in lines, in particular, including provision of free shuttle buses and spacious parking area (8,000 car-scale), free entry to the exhibition site (with the addition of eight rear entrances), logistics support services for exhibited products, international lounge, quick tours for foreign buyers, SIMTOS family tour, etc.
Advanced Discount System & Pre-registration System
The greatest contributors to the successful attraction of 104,713 visitors to SIMTOS 2012 were the 'advanced discount system' and 'pre-registration system.' The advanced discount system, which SIMTOS secretariat debuted for the first time in 2012, encouraged participating companies to attract buyers and others as visitors as the secretariat discounted exhibitor participation fees after calculation of guarantees of the number of invited visitors. This system not only enhanced the level of qualitative and quantitative satisfaction but also provided fee-discount benefits to participating companies. With inducement of competition for visitors among participating companies by printing the name of the inviting companies on the free admission tickets, in particular, the secretariat was able to attract end-user visitors on a large scale.
The secretariat also sought expansion of pre-registration, using a self-developed database of visitors. As a result, the pre-registration rate at SIMTOS 2012 increased to 80% compared with 50% at the previous show. The secretariat sent free admission tickets/badges, various information and guidebooks to the pre-registered visitors who filed applications for the show starting two months before the opening.
Full-time Operation of SIMTOS Customer Center
After benchmarking renowned overseas machine tool exhibitions, the SIMTOS secretariat operated 'SIMTOS Customer Center,' which it introduced for the first time at SIMTOS 2010 as a success practice, at this year's show. This feature was implemented due to the need for full-time management of the show, as it was found that a 25% error rate occurred even though having the correct information three months prior to the exhibition. Together with operation of the customer center, the secretariat made thorough preparations to respond to customer requirements, starting with operation of the Call Center in November 2010.

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