Thursday, March 21, 2013

What's Different

Client-Customized Service Maximized
In pursuit of sustained innovation in client-customized service, the organizer has modified SIMTOS services and operations.

Reallocation of Themed Pavilions
The reorganization of SIMTOS six themed pavilions aims to maximize convenience and efficiency for all participants, including exhibitors and visitors, as well as to harmonize the
exhibits by supply and end-user industries.

- Metal Cutting & Die Mold Working
- Parts, Materials & Motion Controls
- Metal Cutting & Die Mold Working
- Press & Metal Forming
- Tools & Related Equipment(Hall 7~8)
- Metal Cutting-off, Forming & Welding
- Press & Metal Forming
- CAD/CAM, Measuring System,
- Parts, Materials & Motion Controls
- Tools & Related Equipment(Hall 9)
- Metal Cutting, Forming & Welding
- CAD/CAM, Measuring System

Adjustment of Show Period Based on Choice & Concentration Principle

The SIMTOS 2014 operating period will be reduced to five days from six days in the past. By extending the daily business hours, however, the total show time will be the same or more. This move is expected to reduce expense burdens for participants, while raising efficiency based on the choice & concentration principle in terms of speed.

The savings accrued from reducing the show period of SIMTOS from six days to five will be used to improve show services, including publicity support. Meanwhile, the increase in daily
operation of the exhibition by one and a half hours will give visitors more time to see all the exhibits and engage in in-depth business consultations.

Five Days
Six Days
Business Hours
09:30-18:00(8.5 hours)
10:00-17:00(7 hours)

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