Thursday, March 21, 2013

Why SIMTOS2014

Strong Pulse of Korea’s Dynamic Biz Landscape
Currently the fifth largest machine tool producer and consumer in the world, Korea offers rapidly expanding market opportunities. Of particular significance, the country is home to world-class end-user industries -- automobiles (world’s 5th largest manufacturer), shipbuilding (1st), steel (6th), semiconductors (3rd), etc.

Strategic Hub for Northeast Asian Market
Seated next door to China and Japan, Korea is at the crossroads of Northeast Asia where 60% of the world’s machine tools are produced and sold. Moreover, 43 cities with a population of one million or more are within a three-hour flight of Seoul.

Practical Test-Bed for IT Convergence
Korea is known as an IT powerhouse, not only for its related industries and infrastructure, but also for the rapid adoption of new technologies by enterprises and the general population. Recognizing this opportunity, major global IT enterprises are keen to test their latest convergence and combination technologies in the Korean market.

Responding Rapidly to Customer Demand
Under the paradigm change where businesses are fully focused on exceeding customer requirements and expectations, innovations unveiled at SIMTOS, a global marketing platform, are on the cutting edge in generating new opportunities around the world.


Korea Stature in World Machine Tool Industry

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