Thursday, March 14, 2013

Concurrent Events: Ceremonies & Others

Colorful Ceremonies, Enjoyable Events
On April 17, the curtains rose on the five-day run of SIMTOS 2012 with an
opening ceremony at KINTEX that sparkled with color and vitality. Participants in the ceremony included dignitaries from all related fields -government, business and academia - along with exhibitors, buyers and
VIP Reception Commemorates Global Status of IMTOS2012
On April 18, SIMTOS organizers hosted the International VIP Reception in commemoration of the elevation of SIMTOS to a world-top-four machine tool exhibition.
To make SIMTOS 2012 an enjoyable experience, the organizers instituted special visitor-oriented programs to add surprise to event festivities. For example, early-bird visitors to the exhibition were offered snacks and soft drinks in the “"Morning Time SIMTOS”" event, and beer and coffee were offered to stir the passion of visitors throughout the day. Furthermore, those who visited all six themed pavilions were given the opportunity to participate in a lottery to win support for participation in another overseas exhibition.


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