Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pre-Show Activities: Advertisement

SIMTOS2012 Advertisement Activities
To induce more visitors, SIMTOS2012 secretariat strengthened prior publicity activities further, including preparation and distribution of publicity materials and free-of-charge admission tickets, in addition to media ads, outdoor ads, media publicity, PCC publicity and Internet publicity.
As for SIMTOS 2012 media ads and publicity, the secretariat conducted publicity campaigns to match the time, situation and stage of the exhibition after classification into mass media and professional media.
For Busan, Daegu, Changwon, etc., the regions where participating companies and visitors were concentrated, the secretariat proceeded with ads during clock-in and clock-out times; and for the capital, it implemented ads centered around 16:00 hrs. when sales promotion employees return to their companies.
Overseas publicity was concentrated on Brazil, India, Turkey and Southeast Asia, targeting newly emerging markets rather than mature markets of machine tool and manufacturing industries and reinforced ads and publicity in professional media of relevant countries.
SIMTOS2012 Ad. & Publication

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