Thursday, March 14, 2013

Show Scale


Higher, Wider, Better
Showcasing the machine tool industry’'s excellence in innovation and evolution, SIMTOS 2012 turned out to be a landmark success in the history of trade exhibitions in Korea and beyond. The show’'s milestone expansion, combined with creative and innovative management, maximized the satisfaction of all participating parties and established a new exhibition paradigm.

Take-off to Rank Among World’'s Top 4
In Terms of Exhibition Space

Occupying more than 102,431 square meters and spanning 10 exhibition halls, a first for KINTEX, SIMTOS 2012 was almost twice as large as the previous show. The expansion carried SIMTOS to the 4th largest exhibition ranking among global machine tool shows, following only EMO (Exposition Mondiale de la Machine Outil), IMTS (International Manufacturing Technology Show) and CIMT (China International Machine Tool Show).
Foreign Participation Rate Rises to 62%
Exhibitors from overseas accounted for 62% of the participants in SIMTOS 2012. The high foreign exhibitor participation rate is attributed to SIMTOS growing reputation as an optimal manufacturing technology marketplace. Korea is the world’'s fifth largest importer of machine tools, fueled by thriving end-user industries like automobiles, shipbuilding, IT, petrochemicals, and others.
World Top 10 Nations: 93.4% of Exhibitors
The number of exhibitors from the world’'s top 10 machine tool producing countries reached 712, accounting for 93.4% of all participants. The rate was slightly higher than the 92.8% of the global top 10 in production amount, US$92.7 billion, in 2011. Seven of the world’'s top ten machine tool enterprises participated in SIMTOS 2012.

Number of Exhibitors Skyrockets 279% Over 10 Years
The total number of exhibitors in SIMTOS 2012 reached 763, compared with the 459 organizations exhibiting at the previous show in 2010. Over the previous 10-year period, the number of participating exhibitors soared 279%, up from 273 in 2002, while the first SIMTOS in 1984 drew just 48 exhibitors. The number of countries with exhibitor participation reached 34 in 2012 compared with 27 in 2010, 24 in 2008 and 4 in 1984.
Visitors Double from 2002 to 2012
Reaching 104,713 in 2012, the number of visitors to SIMTOS increased twofold over the 52,375 visitors to SIMTOS2002. The first show in 1986 drew 85,296, followed by 70,748 in 2006, 76,292 in 2008 and 70,508 in 2010. Pre-registration visitors to SIMTOS2012 exceeded 54,000 for the first time.
Foreign Buyers Shoot Up 60.7%
The number of buyers and visitors to SIMTOS 2012 reached 104,713, a 48.5% increase over SIMTOS 2010. Of particular note, the number of foreign buyers increased a whopping 60.7% to 4,591. Domestic buyers and visitors numbered 100,122, a 47.9% expansion over the preceding show. The ratio of foreign buyers and visitors to SIMTOS 2012 rose to 4.45% from 4% in 2010.
Contracts & Business Negotiations Hit Record High US$1.87 Billion
The six-day run of SIMTOS 2012 generated US$247 million in business contracts, a 49.2% expansion over SIMTOS 2010. Meanwhile, business negotiations involved a combined US$1.62 billion, a 53.2% increase over the previous show. Export contracts registered US$80 million, up 75.1% over SIMTOS 2010. Business contracts and negotiations encompassed 63,063 cases, a 52.7% increase over SIMTOS 2010.

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