Thursday, March 14, 2013

Message From The KOMMA Chairman

Message From The KOMMA Chairman
Landmark Expansion Benchmark Innovation


First of all, allow me to convey my heart-felt gratitude to all the exhibitors, buyers and visitors that contributed to SIMTOS 2012 expanding its global brand as a valuable marketing platform for manufacturing industries around the world. Braving the lingering global economic recession, SIMTOS 2012, held April 17-22 at KINTEX in Gyeonggi-do, Korea, attracted a record 763 companies from 34 nations to engage in negotiating contracts and productive business consultations.
Registering foreign exhibitor participation rate of 62.8%, SIMTOS 2012 provided a venue for leading global enterprises to exhibit the latest products, services and solutions, showcasing innovation and generating inspiration for all participants. In retrospect, the history of SIMTOS has been that of challenge, a never-ending effort for improvement in every aspect of the exhibition. In particular, SIMTOS 2012 set a new benchmark for machine tool exhibitions in Korea and beyond. As evidence of the significant renovation and innovation represented by SIMTOS 2012, the scale of the show exceeded 100,000 square meters for the first time, ranking it the fourth largest exhibition of its kind in the world.
Under the slogan “"United Manufacturing Technology with Machine Tools,”" SIMTOS 2012 featured six-themed pavilions that effectively responded to the emergence of the new manufacturing era. Blessed with the advantages of its geopolitical location as the hub of Northeast Asia between close neighbors China and Japan, Korea has
cemented its status as a global machine tool leader, ranking among the top five machine tool producing, consuming and exporting countries in the world as well as being home to world-leading end-user industries like automobiles, petrochemicals, IT, steel, shipbuilding, etc.
Further extending the value of SIMTOS, we exerted tremendous efforts to put our client-first principle into practice at SIMTOS 2012, employing a variety of creative and innovative programs to facilitate the business activities of the participants. In this context, the publication of this REVIEW is significant, communicating the value of best practices and as a new benchmark to better serve our clients in the future.
Once again, expressing our thanks to all SIMTOS 2012 participants, I solicit your continued support and patronage of our ceaseless dedication to improve SIMTOS and our related services for SIMTOS 2014 and beyond.
Faithfully yours,
Jong-Hyeon Sohn
Korea Machine Tool Manufacturers’' Association (KOMMA)


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