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Exhibit Trends


Window on Production Technologies
Smart Creativity & Green Innovation
o IT-Convergence of High-Tech Equipment
At SIMTOS 2012, state-of-the-art equipment with grafted IT convergence technologies were showcased on a large scale alongside continuing trends for high-speed, high-precision, complex and multifunctional machinery.
While focusing on efficient production suited to respective processing environments,
products have evolved smarter machining processes with the convergence of software and databases based on IT technologies.
Among other solutions, a system that confirms the status of machine tools operating
anywhere and anytime with application of the latest mobile technologies received a good response. This technology is a cutting-edge solution enabling supervisors to monitor operating machines remotely through a smartphone application and to respond by sounding an alarm when any trouble occurs at the monitored machines.
o Cutting-Edge Equipment, Including Servo Press, Debuted
In the press sector, the servo press made a strong impression. To support work with difficult molding materials like stainless steel and magnesium, the debut of products enabling stable and high-precision molding was remarkable.
A synchronous control line debuted at the exhibition, realizing the concept of a continuousdrive with an automated machine and synchronous control, enhancing productivity about
two-fold. The labor cost-saving effect of this innovation is high, coupled with a reduction of management expenses for facilities and molds.
Servo press featured an optimum slide motion, high productivity, high precision and low noise in processing materials. Through an optimum 'free motion' set-up function suited to processing materials, this press improves productivity and moldability at the same time, while enabling high-precision and high-efficiency processing of difficult-to-work-with materials as well as achieving low-noise and low-vibration processing.
o Parts & Materials - the 'Root & Trunk' for Development of Machine Tools
In the Parts, Materials & Motion Control exhibition room in KINTEX 2nd Exhibition Hall, motion controllers that support the establishment and operation of manufacturing facilities
and systems and core parts that enhance machine tool functions were exhibited. Core machine tool parts, including materials, bearings, ball screws, LM guides and spindles, controllers, motors and drivers were showcased so that visitors could see the information and latest technologies of parts and materials industries at a glance.
A-Ryung Machinery debuted various kinds of pumps, including oil pumps, drawing keen interest. Ilrim Nanotec's all-in-one power pack integrated with machine tools and communication system after addition of an ultra precision oil cooler was appraised as having differentiated technology applicable to all machine tool areas in terms of function.
o Software & Manufacturing Robots Lead Industrial Automation
The latest trend in production and manufacturing technologies is greater efficiency and the enhancement of working convenience. All equipment and process technologies are being developed with a focus on increasing efficiency and the convenience of use in line with this trend.
In the CAD/CAM, Measuring Equipment and Robot Automation exhibition room, state-ofthe- art manufacturing robots spearheading high-tech software and automation that are taking the lead in fusion and convergence between related industries made a debut, along with CAD/CAM solutions, automation systems for machine tools and new precision control-related echnologies.
Udo-Robotics showcased automation lines utilizing a gantry loader system. This system, which enables precision multi-position control with an AC servo drive, is an automated package that arranges parts and materials supplied randomly with a multi-jointed robot through a video system, supplies the parts and materials to the machining center and transports them using a gantry loader.
o Eco-Friendly Cutting Tools Suitable for High-Speed, High-Efficiency Processing of Hard-to-Cut Materials
The technology trend related to cut processing had focused on high-speed and precision processing until a few years ago. Recently, however, departing from this trend, machine tool makers are rolling up their sleeves to develop cutting tool technologies suitable for highperformance, high-efficiency processing in consideration of energy reduction and environmental factors. This trend has emerged due to the fusion and convergence of
manufacturing and high-tech industries that require special tools where advanced technologies are applied rather than simple tools.
In addition, the development of eco-friendly cutting tools that can respond to hard-to-cut materials is emerging as a new issue. This trend is rising because precision machinery for mechatronics, aerospace, medical equipment, and defense industries now require the development of cutting-edge tools that feature excellent characteristics and functionalities even under extreme conditions.
Reflecting this trend, state-of-the-art tools that respond to processing of hard-to-cut materials, energy reduction and environmental requirements, as well as to productivity improvements, were exhibited on a large scale.
o Low Energy-Consuming Sheet Metal Processing M/C Emerged
Korean machine tool makers are actively developing products that can achieve high-quality cutting and welding results while dealing with contrasting requirements - expansion of processing area and space conservation - at the same time. Coupled with this, they are focused on quality-upgrade products with excellent functionality for high-quality processing of highly reflective materials and hard-to-process materials while also enabling high-speed and high precision processing. Recently, energy reduction-type products are growing in popularity in
the market with the emergence of eco-friendly green growth as a hot topic. At SIMTOS 2012, a large number of cutting-edge laser welding, ultra-precision machine tools equipped with these characteristics were introduced.
Meanwhile, exhibits of process integration & automation-related equipment and solutions increased significantly at this year's show. In particular, practical solutions designed to shorten lead times further and reduce manufacturing costs for substantial benefits to consumers showed strength.
Moreover, visitors could feel that the concept of service had expanded through grafting of the latest mobile and IT convergence technologies, departing from the past concentration on post management services. Notably, solutions to efficiently implement design, maintenance and consulting up to post management by controlling machine tools remotely through connection with smart devices debuted on a large scale at the show.
Another remarkable characteristic of SIMTOS 2012 was the fact that serious concerns of companies regarding how to achieve manufacturing innovation through productivity enhancement, environment-friendliness and energy reduction were evident. The apparent reason is because machine tools, so-called 'Mother Machines,' can play a core role in reducing environmental impacts. As a result, the trends of sophistication, convergence and smart devices in production and manufacturing technologies, including machine tools, is likely to continue in the future.

Of Manufacturing World
Showcasing Global Character
34 Nations Join World-Class Machine Tool Show in Seoul
SIMTOS 2012 attracted participation from 34 countries around the world. Germany fielded the largest contingent of exhibitors among foreign countries with 109, followed by followed by Japan (85), Taiwan (70), China (36), USA (35), Italy (27),
Switzerland (24), India (24), United Kingdom (13), France (7), Austria (6),
Israel (5), etc.

32 of the World’'s Top 50 Machine Tool Producers Presented Exhibits
Thirty-two of the world’'s top 50 machine tool enterprises exhibited high-tech,
customer-oriented products at SIMTOS 2012. The list of top toolmakers included
DMC/MORISEIKI, Trumpf, and Staff from Germany, Amada, Mazak, and Tsugami from Japan, and Hass and DP Technology from the United States.

Exhibitor Analysis

7 National Pavilions Strengthen SIMTOS’' Global Reach
Seven countries fielded national pavilions, which were dispersed among the six themed pavilions at the 2012 edition of SIMTOS. The seven national pavilions represented China, Italy, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, Switzerland and India. The national pavilion trend mirrors the fact that SIMTOS is succeeding in its drive to become a global marketing platform for capital goods.

Buyer Analysis

Generator of Biz Opportunities
Foreign Buyers -- 60.7%
The number of foreign buyers increased to 4,591 at SIMTOS 2012 from 2,856 in the 2010 exhibition and 2,645 in 2008. Of particular note, the rate of return buyers exceeded 80.5%, while the number of domestic buyers shot up 48.5%.


Strategic Invitation of 500 Foreign Buyers
Designed to invigorate contract signings and business consultations, the SIMTOS
secretariat invited 500 high-powered foreign buyers from leading companies in emerging markets like India, Turkey and China.
The requirements by type of buyer were
- Importers/dealers of machine tools or related products Minimum of US$0.2 million in annual machine tool imports

- Manufacturers of machine tools and related products
Minimum of US$1 million in annual production.
- End-users of SIMTOS exhibit products
Automobile, Automotive parts, Aviation, Energy, Electric & electronics, Environment, Plant,
Steel, Die & mold, Medical, Precision instrument
Others: Required to submit proof of using machine tools
- Governmental Policymakers for National Projects or Researchers in Industrial Sectors
Special Benefits for Invited Buyers
Invited buyers were presented various incentives:
- 1:1 Business Meeting With Korean Exhibitors
Arranged the meeting schedule in advance through aiz match-making system
Interpreter accompanied at every meeting for better communication
On-site meeting to check real situation of machine tool products at the same time
- Factory Visit for Foreign Buyers' Delegation
Arranged factory visits according to the request from buyer's delegation
Machine tool manufacturers, machine tool end-user companies (automotive, etc.)
- SIMTOS After Hours: Cultural
Experience, City-Tour
Free city tour program for foreign buyers: Seoul or leisure in Gyeonggi-do
City tour program: All day and half day (morning/afternoon) programs
City tour program booked, by delegation at SIMTOS official travel agency

Optimized Business Matchmaking System
The SIMTOS 2012 secretariat arranged a pre-matchmaking survey and analysis designed to identify high-potential customers among the 80,000 members of SIMTOS and ensure practical, productive and successful business discussions.
Business Meetings Between Foreign Buyers and Domestic Exhibitors
Arranged business meetings between foreign buyers and domestic exhibitors took place on April 17 and 18 at the exhibitors booths. A total of 294 foreign companies from 16 countries took part in the meetings with 125 domestic exhibitors.
Business Meetings Between Korean Buyers and Foreign Exhibitors
A total of 121 foreign exhibitors participated in organizerarranged
business consultations at their booths on April 17 and 18, attracting 487 domestic buyers.
SIMTOS Network Reception
Designed to build networks, share information and enhance friendship, SIMTOS organizers hosted the SIMTOS Network Reception at KINTEX for 430 foreign exhibitors and about 500 KOMMA-invited buyers

Visitor Analysis
Key Ingredients for Happy Marketing
The growing value of SIMTOS brought out a record-high number of visitors to the 2012 show. The wide range of fields represented as well as the large numbers of visitors, embracing buyers and others, also served as leverage for harvesting contract signings and business consultations. SIMTOS organizers conducted in-depth surveys and analyses to obtain basic data to better serve clients in the future.
Innovative System for Visitor Attraction Pays Off
The organizers of SIMTOS 2012 implemented an innovative system to attract exhibition visitors. The programs included “"Advance Visitor Registration”" and “"Premium Discount for Visitors.”" With an innovative visitor package program, SIMTOS 2012 attracted a large number of package visitors from major Korean firms, including Hyundai Motor and Samsung Electronics.


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